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General Labor

Winston Salem, NC

Order: 162456
Temp To Full-Time

Harper Corporation - Greenville, SC


JOB SUMMARY: Construction laborers perform a variety of tasks at all kinds of construction sites. Tasks that require little skill can be learned quickly; other tasks require considerable experience or training. General laborers are often required to work outside in all kinds of weather or in buildings without heating or air conditioning. Some tasks are dangerous, or chemicals.



* Duties of a general laborer vary.


Temp to hire will be starting 7:00am. They need to be appropriately dressed for a construction site. If you need hard hats please let me know. They will also be going to Charlotte in the next couple of weeks for work. They will receive a per diem of $30 a day plus $40 a week for incidental. Housing will be provided while performing work in Charlotte. The starting pay is dependent on their experience level, $12.88 with no experience. Please ensure that they have reliable transportation. If you have any questions please let me know.




* Must have physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and endurance.

* Must also be able to concentrate on their tasks.

* Ability to understand and communicate information is also essential.

* Some tools and machines are computerized, requiring technical knowledge to use.