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Sparta, MI

Order: 162908

Lead Sanitation - AM Shift, Sparta, MI

Job Summary: The Sanitation Technician is responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness of the facility

equipment and structures. The Sanitation Technician reports to and receives tasking from the

Sanitation Manager


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Disassemble and reassemble equipment

  • Clean and sanitize equipment, processing and warehouse areas

  • Daily routine cleaning and housekeeping

  • Master sanitation schedule management, including knowledge, frequency and documentation

  • Completion of relevant sanitation records

  • Follow all safety rules and precautions and utilize appropriate personal protective equipment

  • Ensure all chemicals used in the plant are approved and have current safety data sheets on site

  • Chemical dilution verification

  • Assist with development of sanitation procedures and paperwork

  • Work with sanitation and QA team members to identify sanitation and related issues

  • Other duties as assigned by the Sanitation or QA Manager




  • Working knowledge of chemicals and sanitation equipment

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Good verbal and written communication skills, including good record-keeping practices

  • Basic computer skills

  • Be an effective team player, as well as have the ability to work independently

Job Order #: 162908