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Quality Control

Belleville , MI

Order: 193045

Quality Control, $11.00/hour - Belleville, Michigan


Key job tasks:

• Conduct safe launch/100% final quality audits as assigned by Quality Manager.

• Monitor product quality by sampling parts during production runs including gaging.

• Maintain daily inspection summary reports from Inspection area. Consolidate and prepare these reports for review with Quality and Production Managers.

• Immediately advise both the Quality Manager and Production Manager when there are repetitive, out-of-specification conditions being encountered in Production.

• Work closely in a Team atmosphere with Shift Leaders and Production Team Members to ensure Quality goals are met.

• Lead person in packaging and labeling all standard OEM Service (GM, MBUSI, Nissan, Chrysler) and Export shipments (Nissan P42K Russia, Chrysler K4 China).

• Assist as backup Quality Technician as applicable to training on a temporay basis.

• Assist Quality Technician with daily Tensile Test on production parts using the laboratory Tensile Tester and ensure data is logged and results posted at work cells.

• Monitor / Audit production boards for accuracy to include work instructions and inspection plans.

• Conduct either Layered Process Audits and / or Internal Audits as requested.

• Assist in daily Inbound and outbound shipment audits for accuracy.

• Assist Quality Technician with Receiving inspection of components as described within the inspection plans.

• Any other task pertaining to the job as may be assigned by Management.

Environmental responsibilities:

• Place all garbage/waste and recyclable materials in correct containers and/or locations.

• When dealing with liquids or chemicals of any kind, it is the responsbility of each employee to be familiar with handling instructions.

• Assist in maintaining a safe and clean environment within the company’s facilities, parking lots, and grounds.

Physical and Mental Demands:

• Regular and punctual attendance

• Work primarily is performed in a production environment and will be exposed to conditions (e.g., heat, cold) normally encountered in a production environment

• Ability to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time

• Ability to lift, carry, move, push and/or pull up to 35 pounds

• Ability to remain stable when bending, stooping, kneeling, lifting, carrying, reaching, standing, moving, and/or positioning one’s self

• Ability to work independently and in a team environment

• Ability to see and hear, with or without correction

• Dexterity of hands and fingers required.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Basic requirements and qualifications:

• Good written and oral communication skills.

• Basic math skills required and Geometry/Trigonometry skills preferred.

• Forklift experience preferred.

• A minimum of one-year previous experience with Mayser products preferred.

• Hands-on technical aptitude and experience.

• High school diploma or similar (GED)

• Minimum 1 to 2 years’ experience in Quality preferred.


Job Order #: 193045