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Hardeeville, SC

Order: 1819632

Job Description:







The individuals under the Final-Cut workstation will ensure all order specifications match each order with its designated



item(s), and trim all excess from each core, essentially preparing a "clean cut" product for the next workstation. This



individual is responsible for proper placement and use of templates for efficiently cutting each core product.

















• Coordinate with Production management of the workflow of all orders (daily)




• Address inventory needs with Production management





• Receive order paperwork (in order by priority then date), ensure paper-work matches each core - interpret



   according to KBRS workstation procedures manual & project all core order information onto the product



• Notate all core products as specified by each order, and model each order based on the specifications provided



• Quality check all cores in zone before they are staged for next zone




• Coordinate with Production management to ensure all data cards are updated and turned in at the end of each shift



• Coordinate with Final-Cut TC on custom orders & special specifications and/or workability



• Stage items (one at a time) for the next workstation with the proper paperwork







































• Attention to detail, reading comprehension and expert math skills






• Ability to read a tape measure, add and subtract fractions





• Ability to work safely with equipment, follow safety rules, policies, and instructions




• Experience with hand tools (i.e. sander, table saw, router, etc.)




• Must be able to pass a KBRS comprehension test






• Ability to stand for long periods of time (3-4 hours at a time) in seasonal temperature conditions (i.e. hot,



   cold, humid, dry, etc.)







• Ability to lift minimum of 50lbs