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Production Supervisor in Ridgeland

Ridgeland, SC

Order: 1837213

Production Supervisor Needed for Successful Company in Ridgeland!


Work in a safe and productive environment while complying with company policies/procedures


Executes to Production Schedule while working towards daily production metric goals


Directs flow of material and labor into and out of Production Area


Coordinates the daily activities of operators for breaks and lunch without production disruptions


Responsible for notifying Maintenance and assisting with troubleshooting


Responsible for the safety of the team, cleanliness of the machines and production area


Responsible for coordinating breaks and communicating the need for coverage for vacations, sick time, etc.


Trains machine operators on job related tasks and monitors to ensure compliance


Responsible for ensuring product and process is kept within quality standards


Works with Maintenance and Process Engineering to develop and communicate best practices to team


Must understand and apply basic manufacturing problem solving tools including root cause analysis in manufacturing to identify issues efficiently and effectively


Must understand established escalation path for job related issues


Administrative Supervision Functions:


Maintain daily shift production performance metrics accurately


Review production metrics with staff and communicate issues and recommendations


Responds to safety issues and concerns in a timely manner


Document and provide input on employees’ performance (evaluations, counseling, etc.)


Support plant safety goals


Direct team in activities during downtime i.e. 6S (cleaning/housekeeping), training, implementation of improvement ideas, etc. when applicable


In addition to these essential functions, the job includes other functions that may be assigned.


Education/Skill/Experience Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED; must have full working knowledge of all aspects of the Forming process as well as the Pulping process or 5+ years in manufacturing environment; Excellent communication/people skills – written/verbal; Demonstrated leadership skills; Manufacturing knowledge; Computer skills; Problem Solving


Requirements to apply for Job:

Must have six months general manufacturing experience. Must be able to up to Lift 50 lbs. and be able to multi-task, and able to rotate into production process. Must be in good performance standing if applicable. (No warning within 6 months, if applicable).


Work Conditions:

Production environment; Repetitive work; walking to work sites; Standing all day; keeping in pace with production flow.


Required Testing:

Work Keys required to demonstrate skills for Reading (must be able to read and understand Standard Operating Procedures as well as Company Policies), Math (must be able to perform basic arithmetic functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions/decimals), and computer skills (must be familiar with Excel, Microsoft Office, PPT and Word as well as email usage).