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Dispatch - Facilities Coordinator

Bluffton, SC

Order: 1863066

Job Description

Dispatch/Plant Coordinator

General Description of Position:

Takes all necessary steps to track work orders, trouble tickets and technicians in the field utilizing a customized database in order to meet company and customer goals.  To ensure that customer, supervisor, and technician questions are answered in a timely and professional manner.


Duties &


Including but not limited to the following.


  • Inputs and maintains an accurate computerized customer work order and trouble ticket database.

  • Closes out 100% work orders daily.

  • Prioritizes a balance between service orders and trouble tickets.

  • Follows all dispatch procedures and reports any shortfalls and any recommendations for improvement to the Plant Center Supervisor.

  • Handles customer questions, complaints and inquiries in an expeditious and professional manner and documents appropriately.

  • Contacts customer to schedule and coordinate installs.

  • Notifies technicians of any cancellations prior to the scheduled arrival time.

  • Answers phone calls promptly and professionally.

  • Works with technicians in turning up service to include provisioning EMS entries, DMS entries, Alopa entries, Hummer verification, and the provisioning of IPTV service. 

  • Understands the entire service order flow of all products and has the ability to read and understand all switch log commands. 

  • Demonstrates a clear and consistent understanding of our computerized work unit system.

  • Performs general offices duties and other assigned projects.

  • Processes, updates, and reviews electronic switch database information for simple subscriber access loops on telephone.

  • All other duties as assigned.




Only candidates who meet minimum qualifications will be considered.




  • High school graduate.

  • Minimum of 3 years’ related experience (preferably in telecommunications and wireless industry).

  • Basic computer and office skills, including calculators, fax, etc.

  • Able to handle multiple tasks.

  • Ability to communicate independently and effectively with customers, employees, supervisors, and managers, both orally and in writing.

  • Must have excellent customer service skills.

  • Able to work Monday through Saturday extended hours.

Additional Qualifications Desired:


  • BA or BS Degree

  • Bi-lingual