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Tool & Die Maker

Lakewood, NY

Order: 1815174
Die Maker job description - A die maker must be capable of taking engineered drawings and building the desired tooling with minimal to no supervision. A die maker must also be capable of operating all tool room equipment including some CNC equipment. A die maker must be capable of assembling a progressive die using components fabricated on a sub contract basis. He/she must be able to adjust and fit as necessary. Without supervision die maker needs to have the knowledge of and be capable of building any die, fixture, or machine. A die maker must be capable of troubleshooting dies when necessary and must be able to beat quoted hours by 20% consistently. CNC Vertical Mill Operator/Programmer: This individual will need to be capable of setup and operation of CNC mills, and also be capable of programming basic work at the machine when necessary. In addition, he/she must be able to understand all feeds and speeds required to cut various materials. Die Repair Person: The die repair person will be responsible for maintaining press room run tooling. Knowledge of all types of dies is mandatory. He/she must be able to think for him/herself and then be able to make decisions independently. The die repair person must be able to operate all tool room equipment efficiently and effectively. All three job descriptions kind of encompasses what a tool and die maker would do.