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Inspector Packer I

Macon, GA

Order: 6286

Wagner Staffing Now Hiring Inspector Packer

Day-to-Day Role:

• Inspects and packs Plastic Thermoforming Department production

• Assembles corrugated boxes by forming and taping underside of carton

• Inspects product for defects and removes defective product

• Inspects production line for malfunctions and reports malfunctions to maintenance or supervisor

• Closes the flaps of the filled box and tapes the box

• Transports filled box to the staging area. Carries individual box or pushes it to the staging area with a hand cart for removal by Stock movers.

• Packs and stacks product by hand on manual lines. Repacks product by hand as requested.

• Maintains a clean work area throughout the shift.

• Starts and shuts down machinery according to standard operating procedures as needed.

• Completes quality checklist according to standard operating procedure.

• Meets or exceeds individual production target assigned by supervisor each day.

Core Skills and Qualifications: The ideal candidate must possess all of the following:

• Six (6) months experience working in a manufacturing or warehouse environment

• Ability to work with minimal supervision

• Ability to perform work according to set procedures, sequence, and pace

• Ability to use basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction

• Demonstration of proficiency with the English language required in order to ensure effective new hire/continuing training and on-going communications about safety and quality issues.

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